Earn new income by sharing unused instruments
Has the largest network used by many artists
Want to make money from the platform?

Share your sleeping instrument in the garage

One page of youth that I once dreamed of, many of you who are viewing this page may be "former musicians".
You may still be a "musician".
Are there any musical instruments that you no longer use in your warehouse or in your closet?

Earn a new source of income by lending an instrument you no longer use to anyone who wants to start playing one.


It's a service like the musical instrument version of Airbnb.
Airbnb is a sharing service that rents out unused rooms, homes, villas, etc. to travelers.
HEAVY GAUGE is a sharing service that lends unused musical instruments to those who want to start playing musical instruments.

Make good use of the instruments you no longer use and let the instruments themselves work.

According to FENDER CEO Andy Mooney

For example, guitars and new ones are very expensive, 45% of the guitars Fender sells in a year are purchased by beginners,
And 90% of them give up playing the guitar within a year.
It's not cheap for young people, but I found it surprising that 90% of beginners gave up.

Create a new source of income by lending to beginners

Some people may have bought a loan after having been troubled.
Some people may have let go of second-hand stores and pawn shops.

The sight of occupying only a place in a chest of drawers and acting like a sealed treasure in a role-playing game is, in a sense, a legend.

Let's start by breaking the seal.

HEAVY GAUGE support system

It's okay if it's broken

One of HEAVY GAUGE's main services is the repair master system.
The network effect maximizes the platform that connects the instrument repair master and the owner.
Before receiving an order from a user, it will be prepared so that it can be used firmly.

Instrument owners do not have to pay for maintenance until the first order is placed.
After the first order is placed, we will deduct it from the sales.

The Repair Master of the Year is also selected every year to create a system where all repair masters can live with their own skills.
It doesn't exist yet, but ...

Enhanced repair master system

Not everyone can be a repair master, but there is a system for users to evaluate.
A good artist needs a good roadie.
I sincerely hope that it will be a place to make this encounter.